Ever Wondered Why Top Talent Leave Their Jobs?



Getting recognition

Recognition can come in many ways, a lunch out, time off in lieu, or an unexpected bonus. All of these can go a long way to making your team feel appreciated. Sometimes more money is not an option, but without any acknowledgment for hard work, they will feel unrewarded. Having your performance reviews done on time is a great first step to recognition and retention.


Management Style

Another reason for the majority of people leaving a job is because of how they get managed. If your style is negative, aggressive or downright unsupported it makes it hard to keep your team. You should be providing guidance and mentoring, this should be part of a job description. Without respect your team are not going to go the extra mile.


Lack of Empowerment

People want to be part of a team. They want their hard work to be noticed. If they are only there to work and get paid, they will soon lose any optimism they have to further their career in that company. People want responsibility. Give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of and watch them flourish – it makes the manager look great too.


Politics in the workplace

Office politics can quash any drive to promotion. It can sometimes be just too hard to navigate around systems that don’t necessarily reward good, or hard work. It’s a lose lose culture. Try to negate the politics, don’t participate and do what you can to change the environment. If it comes from senior management it probably won’t change – then you know it is time to move.


Future of the company

Nobody want to give up on a job they have worked hard at, but when a company looks to be on shaky ground, it might be better to get out before the rest of the company start jumping ship. Rumors of a company in trouble will spread like wildfire, so trust your instincts and watch for any panic.

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