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It’s the Festive Season. Keep your Personal Brand nice!

It’s the season of fun festivity. As well as enjoying the festive season it is important to remember to keep your personal brand on track. Take a look at these tips to keep yourself nice during the party season.   It’s a time to celebrate You can’t avoid the season so keep the festive spirit […]

Top 5 Tips For A Successful Skype or Phone Interview

With todays technology applicants come from far and wide. Skype or phone interviews are more and more common – there are a number of ways to help you get through the process and put you in a good position for success.   Tone of Voice While talking on Skype or on the phone may not […]

Ever Wondered Why Top Talent Leave Their Jobs?

  Getting recognition Recognition can come in many ways, a lunch out, time off in lieu, or an unexpected bonus. All of these can go a long way to making your team feel appreciated. Sometimes more money is not an option, but without any acknowledgment for hard work, they will feel unrewarded. Having your performance […]

Interview stress, it’s common sense – 8 ways to be prepared!

  Preparing for an interview takes time and some effort. Having a resume up to date, and thinking about possible questions you may be asked can make you feel mentally prepared. Some people like to ask questions to throw you and really make you think on the spot. How you react is a reflection of […]

New Financial Year – New thresholds affecting employment & rates

The new financial year brings the usual wealth of changes to key rates and thresholds that impact on HR and payroll processes with the most significant being the increase to superannuation guarantee rate. Again we have compiled our list of the most important changes to rates and thresholds affecting employers from 1 July 2013 (unless […]